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4-1 new dna collection law

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4-1-15 4 uw schools offer buyouts to head off budget cuts

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Four University of Wisconsin System schools are offering employees buyouts to help absorb their shares of a $300 million system-wide cut in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget.  UW-Oshkosh officials announced Tuesday they would offer

4-1-15 badger fans-aaa travel tips to final four

As the University of Wisconsin Badgers prepare for a return trip to the NCAA Final Four this weekend, AAA Wisconsin has some advice for fans that plan to travel with them to Indianapolis. AAA spokesman Nick Jarmuscz

4-1-15 dodge county sheriff’s office law of the month

Emergency responders are frequently required to respond to an emergency with lights and sirens.  These responders may be law enforcement, ambulances or fire apparatus.  Delays in their response may be the difference between life and death.   All

4-1-15 deer baiting and feeding

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A wildlife expert says a Republican bill aimed at allowing Wisconsin residents to feed deer may have fatal implications for the animals. The bill would allow counties with chronic wasting disease to resume

4-1-15 prison guard firing

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A state hearing examiner says a prison guard who bullied a colleague who later committed suicide was properly fired.  The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission examiner cites an internal investigation following the guard’s death

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St Patrick’s Day Parade 2015

The 2015 St Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Fond du Lac. Photographs courtesy of Photography by Amanda HK Nimmer. St Patrick’s Day Parade 2015The 2015 St Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Fond du Lac. Photographs are courtesy