May 28

Jo Ann Kitts-53

Trey Zivkovich-4 Taycheedah

May 29

Gwendolyn Fisher-Happy Belated 12th Birthday!

Janet Stephany

Mike Fedyszyn-Happy Belated 36th Birthday!-Mr. Fed from Sabish Middle School

Holly Snyder-28

Annie Wagner-29 (Golden Birthday)

Dawsom Wyroback-17

Colin Habeck-15

May 30

Dave Schrage of Schrage’s

Lori Ann Goebel-St. Cloud

Rishl Singh Dunputh-29

Suzi Osier-Big 40!!!!!

May 31

Jeffery and Abby Vree-Happy ‘Sweet 16’ Years of marriage

Steven Knuth of TNT- 26

Randy Goerske is retiring!

June 1

Kristy Gourlie is 40!

Julie Holzmann-60

Tracy Abler- 50

Kelly Twohig- 43

Jerry Hull-64

Carol Francis – 49

Shawn Krause

Jeff and Phyllis Shoelack – 33rd Anniversary

June 2
Landon Flanagan-7

Jeff Doppler Braunie- 53

Nicole Solis

June 3

Bardine Henning

June 4

Jodi and Rick Serway-Happy 30th Anniversary

Lisa Hall-37

Cooper Glass-9

June 5

Cailey Stuerber-17

Denise Kemmel-66 Brownsville

Patrick and Valerie Hilber-Happy 19th Anniversary!

Courtney Froehlich-29

Carol Kaiser-Mr Calvary

Derrick Standke-Waupun

JJ Rafik-Fdl

June 6

Richard and Louise Hlinak (Lie-nick)-54!

Peter Manowske-52

Doogie Schafer

June 7

Brayden Fedyszyn-1

Madelyn Ryan-21

Jeremy and Courtney Magolski-10th Anniversary

Mary McNamera-64

Richard Peachy-73

June 8

Karen Reader-65

Fastfinger Freddie-58

June 9

Joe and Andrea Blackburn-17

Elizabeth Schubert-3

Melissa Neis-45

Mary Ann and Jim Pelletier-28th Anniversary

Joe Schneider

Bob Lamense

June 10

William Liegl-5 Brownsville

Bev Spanbauer-58

Noah Manowske-8

June 11

Joanna Salter-Happy Belated 17th Birthday from your family who loves you!

Michelle Fisher

Bob and Bunny Scannell-Happy 69th Anniversary

Danny ‘Booger’ Johnson-50! Welcome to the AARP!

Joshua Roloff-16 Fdl

June 12

Alan Kelsick-22

Caitlyn Bertrum-11 Campbellsport

Kevin Harmsen-54

June 13

Clarrisa Meisner

Jodi Hicken-43

Ava Cratchy-3

Brother Alvin Padaruth-10

June 14

Nathan St. Mary-Happy Belated 23rd Birthday!

Jeff and Andrea Nuss-Happy 15th Anniversary

June 15

Conner Gerlach-8

Pam O’Brien (Nichols)-53

Julie Rusch

June 16
June 17

June 18

Tom Mitchell-74

Peter and Lesley Manowske-24th Anniversary

Savitry Ssaras-Happy Belated 57th Birthday

Kristin Wilson-Happy Belated 48th Birthday

Heather & Justin Ripple-Happy Belated 17th Anniversary!

Randall Glass-Happy Belated 53rd Birthday

Brandon St Mary-19

Avery Herrera-4

June 19

Del and Dawn Jewson-Happy 25th Anniversary

Sarah Dalton-34

June 20

June 21

Becky Schneider-52

Barb McGuire-44

Will Cluppert-74

Claire Franke-Happy Belated 15th Birthday!

June 22

Robin Speidel-50

June 23

Neeraj Pittea-25

Kevin L’eveille’-31

Kathy Morgan-A very strong 80!

Sean Mason-49 Brownsville

June 25

Jerry Luedtke-75

Melinda Sampson-41

June 26

Blake Koenigs

June 27

Ally Francis-19

Jessica Francis-16

June 28

Glen Kottke-59

June 29

John Langolf-60






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