50-50 Winners:

January 6 Sophie Schmidt

January 8 Evelyn Kahlhamer

January 15 Carolyn Blatz

January 15 Patty Burns

Jan 22: Kylan West

February 10: Hallie Steinke

February 17: Jake Blatz

February 19: Harrison Giese

Bob and Bonnies Winners:

January 14 Michael Newberry

January 21: Mary Lou England

February 4: Mallory Schaefer

February 11: Carson from Campbellsport

February 25: Taylor Schneider

September 1

Ryan Zahn-42

Allison Schultz-18
 September 2
Harper Rausch-5 From Nana and PaPa
Bonnie Burmister-60
 September 3
Shantal & Micah Groskreutz- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Travis Gerber & Tamara Klatt- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Brent Donnelly-16
Todd Hochrein-49
David and Carol Hochrein-Happy 51rst Anniversary
September 4
Kelsey Yaun & Kevin Potratz- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
September 6
Mike Ryan-Happy Belated 56th Birthday
Pat Majaris
September 7
Jimmy Streeter-7 Golden Birthday
Stephanie Volbright
Dev Dinboyal-49
Ben Butzen-36
September 8
Sharon Scherg-Happy Belated 66th Birthday!-She looks 40 though!
Amy Hopper-40 Works at Mercury and her favorite sis is Angie!
 September 9
Dr. Marty Greer of Vet Village
Sean and Tracie Mason-16th Anniversary
Paul Teabow-Happy Retirement after 44 years of hard work!
Randy Ryan
Brad Quakenboss-18
Jodie and Kathy Yaeger-16th Anniversary
Peter Konen-62
 September 10
Alyssa & Shane Alloway- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Dan Ketter & Cheryl Laux- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Brittanie Wendt & Jacob Platkowski- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
John and Irene Petrie-33 wonderful years together!
September 11
Amy and Jim Fisken-17th Anniversary from Shawno
September 12
Patrick Riske-Happy Belated Birthday
John and Sara Brinkley-Happy Belated Anniversary
Karrisa Hernandez-8
Katie Vang-8 3rd grader at Roberts
Joshua Quakenboss-10 4th grader at Evans
Carisa and Chris ‘Kippy’ Thompson-7th Anniversary
Ronnie and Toni Schmitz-50th Anniversary
Tim Ahern-50
Ryan Lalier-26
Justin Fowler
Jane Stienke-From her husband
Rachel Stienke Enfeldt
Maggie Stelmacher-17
 September 13
Grandma Dolly Rupert-Happy Belated 96th Birthday!!
Andy Walters-Happy Belated 20th Birthday!!
Harlie Lynn Meske-14
Jamie Mertens-Jamie put the J in JF Ahern
Adam Stone-Fond du Lac’s best dressed banker
 September 14
Pat Frank of Staffing Support Specialist
Stacy Freber of Freber’s Jewelry
Brian and Dawn Kuhnz-14th Anniversary
Annie Skorupa-Happy Sweet 16 Birthday!
Kris Stellmacher-Teacher at Fondy High
September 15
Mindy and Mike Joerndt-4th Anniversary
Randy Boelkow of Midwestern Shooters
Darold and Naomi Collien-65th Anniversary
Wally and Maryann Betz-60th Anniversary
Lucy Brandt-1
Addison Kuhnz-4
Darold and Naomi Collien-Happy 65th Anniversary and 10 children!
Jeff Schneider-55
Ella Nuss-7
David and Heather Linstrom-Happy 26th Anniversary!
September 16
Ellen Bohlman-King-Happy Belated 62nd Birthday
Brianna Tobin of The UBA
Greg and Lauri Betz-38th Anniversary
Theresa Anhalt
Jason and Aileen Andrews-16 years Golden
Tim Bennett-43
Ryan Menzer-40
September 17
Simone Blackburn-8
Julie Bennett-40
Roger and Anita Konen-Happy Anniversary
Ashley Otto and Dustin Kahlhamer-Congratulations on your wedding!
Brenda Lubbers & Jerrod McCoy- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Hannah Donat & Evan Malison- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
September 19
John and Lori Ransom-25th Anniversary
Greg Fuerst-52
Casey Derksen-32
Eunice-84 years young
September 20
Joy Tassler-Happy Belated 49th Birthday
Shawn Longely-44
Kathy Milke-80 Happy Birthday from your Brothers and Sisters and Family
Cheryl and Jeff Kuhnz
Kate Flohr
September 21
Jennifer Haddy-38
Kendal Burns-4
Andrew Schinske-26
 September 22
Sue and Steve Metz-4th Anniversary from Waupun
Helen Edwards-101 years young!
Katlyn Kissinger-11
Casey and Liz Derksen-Happy 3rd Anniversary
Becky Holl
Jeff and Cathy Schneider-26th Anniversary
Maggie Rose Wood-15
Pat Flood-62
Catharine Nuss-102
 September 23
Aileen Andrews-39
Jim and Heather Brunet-Happy 5th Anniversary love you!
Megan and Dan Gerner-10 Years of Wedded Bliss!
Mary Skorupa-17 years young!
Makayla Stommel-13
Tom Thomas-74
Hattie Bauer-18
September 24
Kodie Freiberg and Ethan Barthel-Congrats on your wedding!
Riley Neff-12
Samuel Andrews-2
Laurie Holzmann- 33
Kellie Carlson & Milty Johnson- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Amy Boehnlein & Sam McDanie- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Ann Muthig
Harley Rose Nett-8
September 25
Shelly Klein-23
September 27
Corey Furhmann-51
 September 30
Brenda Bruyette Coldwell Banker