50-50 Winners:

January 6 Sophie Schmidt

January 8 Evelyn Kahlhamer

January 15 Carolyn Blatz

January 15 Patty Burns

Jan 22: Kylan West

February 10: Hallie Steinke

February 17: Jake Blatz

February 19: Harrison Giese

Bob and Bonnies Winners:

January 14 Michael Newberry

January 21: Mary Lou England

February 4: Mallory Schaefer

February 11: Carson from Campbellsport

February 25: Taylor Schneider

May 2
Pat and Howard Majaris-Happy 35th Anniversary
 May 3
Harvey L Gysbers-47
Kris Janseen-46
Nicole and Derick Dittberner-Happy 1rst Anniversary
May 4
Carol and George Bera-32nd Anniversary
Jane Herst-81 Mayville
Earl and Marilyn Van Ricewick-31rst Anniversary
May 5
Julie Vanderbush-30
Vicky Ries
Dan Robinson-54 Ag teacher in Lomira
Alyssa Olsen-on Cinco de Mayo wishing our beautiful daughter a wonderful 7th birthday.  Love Mom and Dad
Christine Wagner-35
Heidi Zivkovich-35
May 6
Kelby Holzman-7
Alan ‘Al’ Blaine of 1848 Pub & Grub
Taylor Ryan-14
Neil Casper
Lynn Farr-60 and lovin life
Dr. Timmy Flood-61 Hipster, Doc O’ Rock
Heather Reader-Schubert-36
May 7
Megan Shell & Brandon Smith- Congrats on Your Wedding!
May 9
Kay B-Happy 57th Belated Birthday
Wyatt Abraham-Happy 1rst Belated Birthday
John Whitty-Happy 52nd Belated Birthday
Nick Whitty-28
Margaret Rose-13
Harvey L Gysbers-68
Jill Shultis-35
Mike Rauls-40
Kay Beuchel-World’s biggest Brewers Fan-Happy Belated Birthday!
Tanner From-14
 May 10
Brad Weber of Steel Horse Motorsports
Lona Thelen-48
May 11
Brenda Spranger of Rob’s Riverwood Salon & Spa
Kyle Clark the Mayor of Waupun
Tracy Shea
Mike and Tracy Abler-Happy 4th Anniversary
May 12
Rachel Lietz ‘Rockin’ Shockin’ Rachel of Gilmore’s Liquor Mart/ Fox’s Den- 24
Dave Rose of QTI Group
Julia Kreuziger of Ameriprise
Joe Blackburn
Kelly Jacob-31
Carrie Pierquet
Beckett Longley-8
Dave Steger-51
Mike Haefs-57
Brian Baker-Each Thursday Brian personally delivers their amazing string cheese to Korneli’s
Mike Stienke-60 something-truck driver at Sadoff
Josh Warner-24
Madi Michels-16
May 13
Eric Bublitz of Bublitzs Restaurant
Kevin & Jodi Steffes- Happy 27th Wedding Anniversary!
Kelly Mueller
Eric Mueller
Stephanie Volbright-Northland Buildings in Brownsville-41
Mary Picklsman-62
 May 14
Arin Stueber-40
Steve Floyd-50
Megan Stahmann & Justin Retzleff- Congrats on Your Wedding!
Jenny Rehls
May 15
Nicole Pomplin-17
May 16
Nolan Blackburn-10
John Meier
Paul and Andrea Scannell-1
Fran and Kay Buechel’s Anniversary
Jim Twohig-72
Hope Kelm-Happy Belated 14th Birthday
Kevin Volbright-Happy Belated 41rst Birthday
May 17
Mark Homan of Homan Auto Sales
Jodi Steffes
May 18
Mary Blank
Margie Jackl-60
Ramone Granato-Love the entire family
Tammy and Corey Vandergritten-Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary
 May 19
Adam Osier-37
Ron Bernhard
Greg and Marlys Belden-42nd Anniversary
May 20
Brian & Nichole Holzmann- Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary
Brian Holzmann
Richard Nuss
Andrea Nuss-37
Mathew Bowe-21
Karen Stewart-75
Nick Baldner-30 From your brother
May 21
Jessica Buechel & Michael Noble- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Heather Velasco & Shawn Schmitz- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Mike Pierquet
May 22
Blake Thompson-3
Debbie and Tom Sheurers-34th Anniversary
Travis TerBeest
May 23
George Baumann
May 24
Lexi Bogenschneider-16
Debbie Gorski-60
Randy and Debbie Gorski-Happy Anniversary
Roger Glass-46
Nathan Webber-Happy Birthday from wife Christine
May 25
Kimberly Ribel-Congratulations on your graduation from Campbellsport High School and your acceptance to the Paul Mitchell School in Ohio-Love Mom!!
May 26
Jill Jockel-55 Special Ed Teacher in Waupun Love you
Janice Haefs-79
Andria Gravelle-26
May 28
Melinda Karls and Bradley McBride- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Sarah Kapral and Lee Podolski- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
May 29
Holly Blatz
Bob Mitchell
Jerzy Van Hoft of Marine Credit Union
May 30
Suzi Osier-38
Mike and Robin Winkler-Happy 24th Anniversary
Dan McGurk of Rens Nursery
Dave Schrage of Schrage’s
 Mar 31
Jennifer Pelletier-24
Steve Knuth of TNT- 24
June 5
Tom Kleinschmidt
June 6
Heidi Kleinschmidt
Aubrey Gravelle-18!
June 7
Michelle Gust
June 9
Mary Ann and Jim Pelletier-26
June 10
Lorraine Mitchell
June 15
Conner Gerlach-6
June 18
Tom Mitchell
June 26
Nicole Mueller
Pam Rupert-45
 June 29
John James O’Brien-90