50-50 Winners:

January 6 Sophie Schmidt

January 8 Evelyn Kahlhamer

January 15 Carolyn Blatz

January 15 Patty Burns

Jan 22: Kylan West

February 10: Hallie Steinke

February 17: Jake Blatz

February 19: Harrison Giese

Bob and Bonnies Winners:

January 14 Michael Newberry

January 21: Mary Lou England

February 4: Mallory Schaefer

February 11: Carson from Campbellsport

February 25: Taylor Schneider

October 1

Aaron Schrage & Leah Van Abel- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!

Brandon Smith & Shannon Hasse- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!

Larry and Diane Brown-40th Anniversary
October 2
Jackie Hanewall-40 Enjoy!
Grant Roeh-1
October 3
Vic Moyer of Fred’s Fastrac
Whitney and Chase Krapfl-1rst Anniversary
Britt Bera
Mitch and Amelia Peterson-Happy Belated Anniversary
October 4
Beckham Haefs-4
Stanley Brown
October 5
Teagan Checolinski-Happy Belated Birthday
Jordan Kurkowski-27
Kimberly Ottery-31
Jason Knueppel-1
Jeff Duehring
Eileen Shapiro
Tim Thompson
October 6
Chris and Kris Moody-4th Anniversary
Michael Bach-4
Jenny Tousey-16
October 7
Casey Schwratzmiller & Travis Borkenhagen- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Alicia & Jonathan Pickering- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Jeffery Quakenboss
Chase Westphal-6
Carter Twohig-4
October 8
Chad & Heather Mayer- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Jennifer Sabel & Jake Wright- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Kelly Lokken & Alex Volm- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
 Tad Wallender & Hedi Vander Grinten- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
 Alyson & Rob Sober- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Kevin Goebel-34
TJ (of the BF Book Club) Twohig-46
October 9
Christopher ‘Kippy’ Thompson-34
Ryan Van Ruiswijk-27
October 10
Emmy Petersen-Happy Belated 6th Birthday
Bill and Joyce Bartz-Happy Anniversary
John Scott Brown-From Needsome Supplies
Kate Treichel-50, looks 40, acts 30
October 11
Melissa Peterson-Happy Belated Birthday
Gene Mueller
Stephen Krause
Ed Kilroy-94
October 12
Joe Bowen-33
Todd Mueller-36
Denise Mary Thompson
Adam and Amanda Messer
Cade Kemmel-11
Santana Ryan-13
 October 13
Steve Daute, Owner of The Other Bar
Jamie Marwitz of Judsons Bowling and Lounge
Lori Reilly
Shannon Toshner
Shayla Robl-9
Kurt and Taylor Haefs-4
Debbie Dayle
Debbie Dayle Wagner
October 14
Julie Patroville-50
Josh Lewis & Sarah Wirtz- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Nancy Kowalkowski-78
Brett Fowler-Happy Belated Birthday
Brad Herbert Stiener
Lee and Tammy Wondra-Happy Anniversary
Christine Armock-68 years young
October 15
Katie Coughlin & Seth Lang- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Tosh & Zach Dittel- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Mark & Kelly Haensgan- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Emily Kundert & Andrew Golabiewski- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Tammy Fink & Jake Batterman- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Adam Messer
October 16
Tim Kemmel-42
October 17
Gail Billiot-Happy Belated Birthday
Carmon Rojos-45
Jeff Nowicki of Hometown Glass and Improvement
Ashley Wittkopf-19
Madeline Abler-9
Jenny Wagner- 40
Hannah Stommel-10
October 18
Dillon Jerdee-18
Marlys Belden-61
Liza Lindow
Jenny & Joel Wagner- Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary!
 October 19
Scott and Kelly Haefs-25
Lisa and Todd Lehner-31rst Annnivery
Lionel Matherne
Bob Koenen
Brayden Donnely-18
October 20
Jackie Robinson-54
Eli Mertz
Ella Blackburn-13
Mackenzie Krowell-16
Joe Giese-37
Julia Kloetzke-107!!!!
 October 21
Hunter Nitzel-Happy Belated 6th Birthday!
Michelle and Todd Krapfl-27
Paul and Mary Lou Abler-Happy 49th Birthday from Mt Calvary
Nancy Smith
October 24
Travis Tucker-Happy Belated 28th
Michelle and Todd Krapfl-Happy Belated 27th Anniversary
Corey Jones-Happy Belated 2nd Birthday
Mike and Nikki Pierquet-Happy 12th Anniversary
James Parson
Laurie Stark
Audrey Martin-Happy 98th Birthday!!!!
Michael Bach-39
Kevin Steffes- 51
 October 25
Abby Vree-33
Kaiden Ottery-10
October 27
Lynn Marie Kutz-Still looks and acts young
October 30
Dan Zoschke-33
October 31
Russ Drezdon