50-50 Winners:

January 6 Sophie Schmidt

January 8 Evelyn Kahlhamer

January 15 Carolyn Blatz

January 15 Patty Burns

Jan 22: Kylan West

February 10: Hallie Steinke

February 17: Jake Blatz

February 19: Harrison Giese

Bob and Bonnies Winners:

January 14 Michael Newberry

January 21: Mary Lou England

February 4: Mallory Schaefer

February 11: Carson from Campbellsport

February 25: Taylor Schneider

Russ Drezdon

 January 4
Sophie Briester – 93
Sophie Schmidt – 13
January 5 
Dick Schoener – Dick’s Consession
Arizona – 6
January 6
Lisa Harper of Key West Salon and Spa
Carissa Torgersen of Korneli’s
Nikki Pierquet
The Bowen Twins – 50 Cynthia and Cyrina
Evelyn Kahlhamer – Golden 6th Birthday
 January 7
Carisa Thompson – 31
Jessica Wagner
January 8
 Christine Winkleman of Tess and Rose
Jean Kohlman – Queen of Friar Tucks
Connor Knueppel – 15
January 9
Martin Buser-FDL Tent and Awning
Glenn Canaday
 January 10
Erik Haefs – 30
Ashley Costello
January 11
Andy Carter – 60
Jim Smet – 80
Elle Paveglio-18
Trudi Marquart-58
Rosi Loehr-70
January 12
Julie Block-Happy Belated Birthday, serving up love at the BP in Brownsville
Steve Mikolajcazk-55
Marty Schroeder
Chris Schmitz-Precision Building
Mathew Liegl-Brownsville
January 13
Jeff Stockhausen of Stockys Fast Track
Carolyn Blatz-39 Again
January 14
Todd Snow of Snow Law
Kisnah Samy and Shiela Samy-Happy Birthday
Michael Newberry-Happy 15th Birthday Waupun
Dharmalingum and Sarojni Samy-Happy Birthday
 January 15
Lois A. Linskens-Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-law of 15 years and Daughter
Roberta Schmitz
Violet Simon-1
January 16
Bob Guelig-49
Jake Blatz
Ellie McIntosh-10
Ben (no last name given)
January 17
Zachary Albert-20
January 18
Jeff Nuss-38
Ron Luedtke-81
Natalie, Emily, Allison & Patrick Neitzel-Happy Belated 23rd Birthday
Jane Pappenheim-29 again
Miles ‘the mouse’ Melius-93
Dewayne Baltazar the 3rd-37
January 19
January 20
January 21
January 22
January 23
January 24
Sara Karweick of Modern Woodmen
January 25
Mike Damm of Bagelmeister
January 26
January 27
January 28
January 29
January 30
January 31