50-50 Winners:

January 6 Sophie Schmidt

January 8 Evelyn Kahlhamer

January 15 Carolyn Blatz

January 15 Patty Burns

Jan 22: Kylan West

February 10: Hallie Steinke

February 17: Jake Blatz

February 19: Harrison Giese

Bob and Bonnies Winners:

January 14 Michael Newberry

January 21: Mary Lou England

February 4: Mallory Schaefer

February 11: Carson from Campbellsport

February 25: Taylor Schneider

August 1

Joan Wendt

Kelly Haefs

Jay Weiland

Randall Glass-Happy Belated 61rst Birthday

Lisa Mueller Olson-48

John and Kelly Gruszynske-happy 5th Belated Birthday

Jeff Kleine-Happy Belated Birthday

August 2

Ike Holzmann- 16
Doug Kohlman of DR Kohlman
Amarach Checolinski-Sweet 11!
Ju Ju Grahl-50 Welcome to the club!
Ike Holzman-16
Faye Twohig-39
August 3
Wade Fletcher of Hogz & Honeez
Josh Haefs-33
Navin Lutchmiah-Happy 49th Birthday to the Superhero of our family
Judy Giespers
August 4
Kim Dambruch-60
Tammy Hidde
Jeff Westphal-50 Originally the ‘Printing Magician!’
Kim and Jerod Nelson-15th Anniversary
Jamie Reilly-11
August 5
Harper Flood-Golden Birthday!
Eden Fire department is 100 this weekend!  Celebrating all weekend at the picnic…so proud of our volunteers!
Rick Ramczyk-40
 August 6
Allie McManus & AJ Libby- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Shannon Steele & Bruce Harnitz- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Maggie Pytlak & Derek Moen- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
David Linstrom-Best husband ever!!
Shelley Bertram-40
Jim and Michelle Krebs-12 years married, 22 together!
August 7
Dennis and Kathy Shuppe-35th Anniversary!
August 8
Dexten Terbeest-Happy Belated 3rd Birthday
Barbara Hall-38
Jerry and Patty Krause-Happy 35th Anniversary
Al Eimmerman-Happy Birthday to my husband ‘I Love You’
August 9
Ben Lehner
Dick Haefs
Tom Christie
Bob Hefter-26
Barbara Hall-Happy 38th Belated Birthday
Chris Hogden-63 from her other two best friends
Noah Schonebach-Happy Belated 15th Birthday
August 10
Dennis Sabel-51
Lisa Lehner
Dan O’Hearn-60
David Klumpyan-73
Kaye Bruney
 August 11
Jessica Hedrich of LaClare Farms
Pauline Peters
Mara Nochreiner-5
Richard Voisin
Quentin and Mason Enfeld-Happy 12th Birthday!
August 12
Abrey Reifsnider-Happy Belated 11 golden birthday from Grandma
Micah Herman-6
Dylan Weber of Fox Computer and Networking
Traci Kertscher
Janel Prickett-80
Jane Blowchow-Meier
John and Betty Meier-Happy Anniversary
Julie Schneider-23
Sandy Thern
 August 13
Kali Riegert-5
Mark and Megyn Wirkus- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Nathan Meyer and Nicki Freund- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Noah Schoenbach-4
Paul and Fran Teebow-Happy 5th Anniversary
August 14
Coltyn Ter Beest-7
Tammy Bernhard
Sally Carlson-Fink-57
Michael Bogenschneider-40
August 15
Emily Farr-13
Emma Wagner- 13
Rich Matravers of Edward Jones Financial Advisor
Jim Krebs-40
Gloria Twohig-71 Armstrong
Jennifer Giese-Belated
John Moen-Belated
August 16
Brian Stephanie-26
Dennis Etringer-50
Rich Finley-46
Ben Butzen-10
 August 17
Terry Davis
William Linstrom
Taleb and Naziirah-25th Anniversary
Denis Entringer-40
April Miller-Milwaukee
 August 18
Cindy Leestma-22 AGAIN!
Pam and Ron Schneider-10th Anniversary
Clyaton Immel-46
 August 19
Larry Schraufnagel-75 Lomira
Randy and Barb Entringer-38th Anniversary
Pam Briester-Happy Belated 46th Birthday
Red Mullenbach-Central Barber
August 20
Jason Petrie & Amber Haensgen- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!
Shawn and Colleen Anhalt-5th Anniversary
Patty Schwab-62
Kyle and Gloria Wondrash-11th Anniversary
August 21
Andy and Gail Carter-36th Anniversary
Ron Schneider
August 22
Pam Schneider
Bob Schinske-Drummer in Black iris Band
Troy Kemmel-39 Brownsville
Deb Leonard
Patty Walker
Jerry Sabel
Tiffany Gerholz-35 Fond du Lac
August 23
David Denger
Jay Miller
Wendy Pelletier-Happy Belated Birthday
Mike and Lisa Hall-Happy 13th Anniversary
Daryl Batterman-63
August 24
Janet Kirchhoff
Kyle Wondrash-50 “Happy Birthday Honey”
Sarah Lamense
Shawn and Tayna St. Mary-25th Anniversary
Caroline-71 from Ripon
Jill Feldner-Dynamic Chiropractic
 August 25
Chad Dreher of Dreher Collision Concepts 
 Toddy Boo-45 years young
Ruth Dudarenke
August 26
Allen and Joy Tassler-Happy Belated 9th Anniversary
Bonnie Brown-63 Taycheedah
Gary and Jane Batterman-Happy Anniversary
Deb Gau
Rosie Ebertz
Amber Pelletier-16
Kimberley Reible-20 from Mom and Christine
 August 27
Lydia Coon & Brad Swenson- Congratulations On Your Wedding Day!
Wesley & Chelsea Eisenga- Congratulations On Your Wedding Day!
Kathy Christie-53
August 28
Pete Lawrie of Pete’s Auto
August 29
Adrian Tucker
Randy Haefs-42
Melissa Chancellor-40
August 30
Marilyn Verhasselt
August 31
Neil Olsen-58
Dolly Holzman-45