March 1

Amy Geiger

Annie Pickart-St. Peter

March 2

Noah Lombard-11

John Charneski-63

March 3

Jerry Geiger-89

Jen Sellyna Langrine

Emily Vande Hei-42

March 4

Pam Tollefson-43

Owen St. Mary-Happy Belated 15th Birthday

Ryon and Nancy Casey-24

Debra Touse-29+

Colton Glass-5

March 5

Mike and Christine Kuhl (Pronounced Cool) from Window World of Fond du Lac – 8 Year Anniversary!

Anesah Mudun-30

Michael Jordan-34

Henry West-5

Dallas Diener

March 6

Amanda Cudomach-22 For a beautiful daughter love Mom

Chelsea Turner-1

March 7

Natalie Abraham-6

Oliver Odette-4

March 8

Jolene Horton-42 Old Lady!!

Kristen Schmitz-St. Peter

Lisa Lahr-33

Jen Kostro-40!!

March 9

Vince Parrish-31

Jeanne Sorgel-21

Grace Wagner- 13

March 10

Marie Bernice Pierquet-Dotyville

March 11

Dennis Kemmel-Happy Belated 68th Birthday

Estelle Zivcovich-Happy Belated 3rd Birthday

Cathy Schaub-62

Cheryl Edwards-60

Eric Schmidt-30

Bruce Muthig

Brady Schmidt-24

March 12

Judy O’Brien-Happy Belated Birthday!

Jackson Fritz-4

Myles Omerling-Happy Belated 8th Birthday!

Derek and Katie Larson-Happy 8th Anniversary

Peggy Kleine

Brent Tellner

March 13

Michelle Lapine

Dalton Casey-17

March 14

Jake Deaver-60

Amber Mahnke-40

Jeff Nielson-50

March 15

Howard Huenink-72

Dustin Casey-46

Jaxsen Wber-6

Betty Hungerford-89 Oakfield

Charlotte Burroughs-1

Sharon Simon-Happy Belated 54th Birthday!

March 16

Shane Guyette-48

Mark Rahn-Happy Belated Birthday from your friends at TTI
March 17

Sharon Elsinget-42

Carson Philipsky-14

March 18

Belated: Terri Emanuel

Belated: Ashton Geidel – 3

Belated: Meg Ryan – 25

Belated: Sean Jurgensmier – 18

McKenna Diener – 5

Sharon Stommel – 50 (Eden)

Angie Mitchell-Old enough to be your Mom

Ginny Trewin-44

Amy Pinno-44

Victoria Linstrom-25

Carol Bera – Happy Retirement Today: 38 years at St. Agnes Hospital

March 19

Emma Hindle-25

March 20

March 21

Deanna Springer-50

Debbie Baier-54

March 22

March 23

Nora Marcoe – 3

March 24

Malik Richardson-21

March 25

March 26

Victor Valentino-66
March 27

March 28

Amanda Burns-Best Aunt Ever! Love Jack and Tim

March 29

March 30

March 31

April 1

Carol Kryzyanowski-80















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