May 7

Wyatt Abraham-4

Russell  Guelig-Eden

Ashley Lindsley-Campbellsport

May 8

Sharon Healy-52

Brian Schraffner-67

May 9

Tucker Dalton
May 10

Russel the Muscle-47

Mary Alice Guelig

Terryl Buslaff-58

John O Meyer-76

Chrissy and Doug Doyle-5th Anniversary

Wyatt Kunasch-Happy belated 3rd Birthday!

May 11

Kyle Clark- Mayor of Waupun

Tracy Hochrein-St. Cloud

May 12

Mike Steinke (Big Birthday!)

Julia Kreuziger- of Ameriprise

Carrie Pierquet-Dotyville

Josh Warner-27

May 13

Eric Bublitz of Bublitz’s Restaurant

Brian Baker-Gets “Cheese Cake” for birthday!

Amber Berg-15

May 14

Chris Cook-56

Amber Henry-16

Ella Weier-11

Terryl Buslaff-Happy Belated  58th Birthday!

May 15

Steve and Jodi Ottery-Happy 25th Anniversary!

Rita Shannon-Happy Birthday NaNa

May 16

Wrench Meier – Eden

Steve Holzman – 58

Sean DuCoty – 50

Tim & Suzanne St. Mary – 27 Years

Amanda Reinke – 30

May 17

Jessica Vanden Houten-32

Mark Homan- of Homan Auto Sales

Neil Nett

May 18

Greg and Marlys Belden-45 years Anniversary

May 19

Adam Osier-40
May 20

Brian Holzmann

Brian & Nichole Holzmann- Happy Anniversary!

May 21

May 22

Camren Butzen-8

Iishaad Goolamhossen-33

May 23

Bobby Hefter-4 beautiful amazing years!

May 24

May 25

May 26

Dennis Stevenson-21

Mark Gulig-19

May 27

May 28

May 29

Dawson Wyrobeck-18!!!!!!

May 30

May 31



















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