3-15-19 hundreds of fdl residents evacuated as fdl river overflows its banks

At least 300 Fond du Lac residents were  evacuated as ice jams on the Fond du Lac River Thursday caused flooding problems in neighborhoods along the river.  Patricia Walker was evacuated from the Riverview apartments on Western Avenue.  “Its been an exciting adventure because I’m from California so I’m used to earthquakes, fires and floods.  This is a piece of cake,”  Walker told WFDL news.  Andre Walker lives on Forest Avenue.  “In my neighborhood its real bad,”  Walker told WFDL news.  “I lost two cars this morning in the underground parking lot.  They’re totally covered in water.”    Walker wonders why the city didn’t break up the ice on the Fond du Lac River several days before the rain and warm-up in anticipation of the flood threat.  “I really think the city isn’t being responsible enough because if you know the thaw is coming you should make preparations with that ice.  Break that ice up early.”    Cindy Trepanier lives on South Street and says it reminds her of the last big flood in 2008.  “I’m nervous.  That’s why I’m out here keeping an eye on it.”  Rose Piper told WFDL news firefighters told her she should leave her house just in case.  “What’s going through my mind?  Firemen pounding on my door telling me we’re being flooded!”