January 2: Betty Mielke (50 50 Certificate)

January 29: Birthday Cake Winner Brett Erickson

February 4: 50 50 Winner Mallory Schaefer

February 6: 50 50 Winner Riley Jo

February 5: Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner

February 11: 50 50 Winner Maizy Garrison

February 12: Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner Ky Schaefer

February 13: 50 50 Winner

February 19:  Brady Fruend-(Bob and Bonnie’s Cake)

March 4:  Calub Krug-(50/50 Factory Outlet)

March 5:  Henry West-(Bob and Bonnie’s Cake)

March 6:  Kristen Schmitz-(50/50 Factory Outlet)

March 12: Doyle Kelly (Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner)

March 18: Matthew Sessing (50 50 Winner)

March 25:  Kayle Sabel (50 50 Winner)

March 26:  Jonah Habec (Bob and Bonnies)

April 1:  Mike Abler (50/50 Winner)

April 3:  Mason Kiechler-(50/50 Winner)

April 8:  Cody Karls-(50/50 Winner)

April 9:  Shelley Klein-(Bob and Bonnies)

April 10:  Mary Bloemke-(50/50 Winner)

April 15:  Al Zahn-(50/50 Winner)

April 16: Christa Sable-(Bob and Bonnies)
April 22;  Elisa Yarber-(50/50 Winner)

April 23;  Joe Colwin-(Bob and Bonnies)

April 24:  Molly Abler-(50/50 Winner)

April 29:  Calub Nehls-(50/50 Winner)

April 30:  Molly Abler-(Bob and Bonnies)

May 6:  Dan Robinson-(50/50 Winner)

May 7: Tim Flood-(Bob and Bonnies)

May 8: Morgan Flahrety (50 50 Winner)

May 13: Beckett Longley (50/50 Winner)

May 14: Melanie Wagner (Bob and Bonnies)

May 15:  Katherine Klapperich (50/50 Winner)

May 22: Cody Frieberg (50/50 Winner)

May 27:  Janice Haefs (50/50 Winner)

May 29:  Suzie Osier (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

June 10:  William Liegle (50/50 Winner)

June 17: Elizabeth Herman (50/50 Winner)

September 9: Sean and Tracy Mason (50/50 Winner)

September 10: Dennis Abraham (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 11: Karissa Hernandez (50/50 Winner)

September 18: Ardis and Marvin Hahn (50 / 50 winner)
September 18: Norm and Florence Feucht (50 / 50 winner)
September 23: Catharine Nuss (50 / 50 winner)
September 23: Helen Edwards (50 / 50 winner)
September 24: Aileen Andrews (Bob and Bonnies Donuts winner)
September 25: Abby Alverez (50 / 50 winner)
September 30: Owen Kahlhammer (50/50 winner)

September 1

Wyman and Donna Kastein-Waupun-Their little boy is Mark Kastein from Floorquest
Jenn Lamense
Ryan Zahn
Simone Celine-95
September 3
Alyssa Breitrick-18 beautiful years old today
Ben Kottke-Happy 34th birthday from the crew at B Kottke Construction
Scott and Tera Nehls-32nd Anniversary from Brownsville
Brent Donnelly-15
Netty and Tom Weis-Happy 27th Anniversary
September 4
Steve and Julie Rist-Happy 10th Belated Anniversary
Kathy and Tom Christie-33rd Anniversary
Paula Wendt-Nurse at Thiesen Nurse
Jake Jeager
Perry and Kay Brunette HappyAnnivesary
Lisa Koepsel
September 5
Jake Arpke & Amy Peters- Congrats on Your Wedding!
September 6th
Pat Majeris-60
September 8th
Vicki Faris-Happy Belated Anniversary
Breleigh Lorrigan-16
Amelia Peterson
Payton Huchrein-7
September 9th
Sean and Tracie Mason-15th Anniversary
Dennis Abraham-Happy Belated 57th Birthday
Tracie and Bill Kertscher-15th Anniversary
September 10th
Scott Nehls-57 Brownsville
Nick Engebretsen-18
September 11
Dan Schwantes & Karissa Eiring- Congrats on Your Wedding!
Amy and Jim Fisken-16
John and Sara Brinkley-60th Anniversary
John and Debra Bruns-Happy 39th Anniversary
September 12
Elise Lamb & Chad Borley- Congrats on Your Wedding!
Megan & Jacob Stobb- Congrats on Your Wedding!
Katie Kalia Vang-7 2nd grader from Roberts School
Carisa and Christopher Thompson-6
Karissa Hernandez-7
Maggie Stellmacher-16
Todd Zivkovich-38
Rachael Steinke-Enfeldt-36
September 13
September 14
Joshua Quackenboss-9 Happy Belated Birthday
Ray and Colleen Olson-Happy 4th Anniversary-Belated
Justin Fowler-Happy Belated Birthday
Brian Lollier-Happy Belated Birthday
Jason Belling-31
Karen Whitty
Jamie Mertens-She puts the ‘j’ in JF Ahern
Adam Stone
Brian and Dawn Kuhnz-Happy 13th Anniversary
Senora Stellmacher-Teacher at Fondy
September 15
David and Heather Linstrom-Silver Wedding Anniversary!
Mindy and Mike Joerndt-Happy 3rd Anniversary
Addison Kuhnz – 3
Mike and Rachel Schneider
Ella Nuss – 6
Dawn Hight
Zach Welsch – 15
Jeff Schnieder
Emily Miller – 18
September 16
Tim Bennett-42
Jason and Aileen Andrews-Happy Anniversary
Brittany Adler-23
Peter Nitzel-32
Hunter Sabel-10 Oakfield-Belated
 September 17
Simone Blackburn-7
Julie Bennett-39
Olivia Gonzolez-89-Still working at St. Vinny’s
John Nell-59 from Jenna, Mike, Nancy
Roger and Anita Konen-Happy 38th Anniversary from Brothers and Sisters
Vicki Kreager-40-Armstrong
September 18
Ardis and Marvin Hahn-Happy 67th Anniversary
Norm and Florence Feucht-66th Anniversary
Lisa and Lou Lindow-22nd Anniversary
Bob and Pam Briester-16th Anniversary
September 19
Greg Fuerst-51
Kim Kraus & Dan Kuhl- Congrats on Your Wedding!
Holli Rumbuc & Tony Rilling- Congrats on Your Wedding!
Eunice Wondrash-83
Greg Hansen-62
September 20
Shawn Longley-43
MacKenna Shultis-8
September 21
Belated September 17 Margaret Flood – 24
Belated September 20  Kathy Mielke – 69
Harrison Vande Streek – 90

September 22
Katelyn Kissinger-10
Sue and Steve Metz-3rd Street-Waupun
Catharine Nuss – 101 years “young”
Helen Edwards – 100 years “young”
Jeff Stueber – 41
Greg Hansen
Jeff and Cathy Schneider-25
Gracie Peterson-2
September 23
Colin Sabel-18
Tammy McWithey-34-Belated
Kyle Hesprich-29-Belated
Paul and Amberly Brester-9th Anniversay
Dan And Megan Gerner-9
Jim and Heather Brunet-4th Annivsary-To a wonderful husband and best friend, I look forward to many more years together, I love you
Makayla Stommel-12
Aileen Andrews-38
Hattie Bauer-17
September 24
Laurie Holzmann- 32
Adam and Suzi Osier-10th Anniversary
Samuel Andrews-1 lovin’ every min of it
Ann Muthig
Karen Bernhard
Riley Neff-11-shares same birthday as cousin Samuel
Madison Hahn
Laurie Holzman-T.D’s Niece…If you see her out and about honk and say HB!
Katrina Monroe-22 Love Mom
Ben Turner-28
September 25
Dawn Kuhnz
Jeff and Cheryl Kutz-16th Anniversary
Jim Morgan-50
Tracy and Mike Zimmerman-16th Anniversary
Leigh and Rick Ramczyk-10th Anniversary
Steve and Shelly Klein-22
Jeff and Cheryl Kutz-16th Anniversary
Brady Gerritson-13
Terry Kraus-Eden
Abby Alvarez-8
Jonah Yager-14-Theresa
Rustin Billings-37
September 26
 Grace Dyjak & Matthew LuKasick- Congrats on Your Wedding!
 Brittany VandeZande (hardest worker at Ballweg Implement of Waupun) and Marlie Page getting married!
September 27
Arin and Jeff Stueber-18th Anniversary
Corey Fuhrmann-50-The Big one
Kayte Carter
Jonah Mason-9 Brownsville
September 28
Tim Kurtze-Belated
Abby Alvarez-8
Jeff Duffy Kuhnz-65
Rustin Billings-37
Jeff Duffy Kuhnz-65
Kelly and Craig Peterson-2nd Anniversary
Darold Collien of Oakfield-83
Rachel Ries
Dale Joeckel-61
September 29
Rebecca (Bushles) Strizek-54
Kinlee Gerholtz-2
September 30
Nick Pierquet
Lance Shumacher-28
Lori Ketter-53
Dawn Colwin-60
Owen Kahlhammer-11
Mitch and Amelia Peterson-Happy Anniversary
Char and Butch Wondra-41rst Anniversary
October 1
Dolores Prost-95
Adam Rahmer-8
Heidi and Nick Cornette-4
 October 2
Vishaya Luchmun-3
 Kayla Costello and Zach Trepanier-Congrats on Your Wedding!
Ralph and Alice Sabel-69
Tom Guell-63
Jack Hayes-63
Paul Bluel-58
October 3
Chase Krapfl and Whitney Braunschweig-Congrats on Your Wedding!
Josh and Andrea Bintz- Congrats on Your Wedding!
 Kathy Dekker and Chuck Schroeder- Congrats on Your Wedding!
Shelby and Ethan Schmitz- Congrats on Your Wedding!
October 4
Beckham Haefs-4 Golden
Anita Mason-69
Tara Siemen-25
Megan DePew-4
Olivia DePew-4
Trinity Hall-Happy Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa!
October 5
Kimberly Otter-30
Brynn Bloch-4
Jordan Stortz
Brad Thompson-57
Harley and Geraldine Brandt-68
October 6
Cole Baier-22
October 7
Harley Brandt-93
October 9
Christopher ‘Kippy’ Thompson-33