Winners of a 50 50 ($10) Gift Certificate

June 13: (50 50 Winner) Brian Jones
June 20:  Conner Flood (Bob and Bonnies)
June 20:  Sam Flood (50/50 Winner)

June 27:  Sophia Nuss (50/50 Winner)

July 24:  Josiah Flood (50/50 Winner)

July 24:  Pheobe Udelhoffen (Bob and Bonnies)

August 7:  Jamie Riley (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 8:  Harper Flood (50/50 Winner)

August 14: Logan Ramczyk (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 15 Addison Zahn (50/50 Winner)

August 21 Brian and Gretchen Jones (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 22 Hayden Stedler (50/50 Winner)

August 28 Kathy Christie (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 29 Randy Haefs (50 50 Winner)

September 4 Katie Schaffer (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 11 Kertschner (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 18: Marvin and Ardis Hahn-66th Wedding Anniversary!! (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 25:  Catherine Nuss (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

Septebmer 26:  Jonah Mason (50/50 Factory Winner)

October 16: Melanie Ledger (Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner)

October 17:  Scott and Kelly Haefs (50/50 Factory Winner)

October 23:  Mackenzie Crowell (Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner)

October 24: Cayden Ottery (50/50 Factory Winner)

October 30:                           (Bob n Bonnies)

October 31:  Cody Zitlow (50/50 Factory Winner)

November 6:  Ruby Gebhardt

November 7: Ruby Gebhart (50 50 winner)

November 13:  Mike Bogenschneider (Bob and Bonnies)

November 20:  Millie Twohig (Bob and Bonnies)

November 21:  Mary Ann Flood AND Kevin Shuet (50/50 Factory)

December 12:  Ashley Nehls (50/50 Factory)

December 18:  Allison Krebbs (Bob and Bonnies)

December 19: Lilly Granado (50 50 Certificate)

January 2: Betty Mielke (50 50 Certificate)

January 29: Birthday Cake Winner Brett Erickson

February 4: 50 50 Winner Mallory Schaefer

February 6: 50 50 Winner Riley Jo

February 5: Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner

February 11: 50 50 Winner Maizy Garrison

February 12: Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner Ky Schaefer

February 13: 50 50 Winner

February 19:  Brady Fruend-(Bob and Bonnie’s Cake)

March 4:  Calub Krug-(50/50 Factory Outlet)

March 5:  Henry West-(Bob and Bonnie’s Cake)

March 6:  Kristen Schmitz-(50/50 Factory Outlet)

March 12: Doyle Kelly (Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner)

March 18: Matthew Sessing (50 50 Winner)

March 25:  Kayle Sabel (50 50 Winner)

March 26:  Jonah Habec (Bob and Bonnies)

April 1:  Mike Abler (50/50 Winner)

April 3:  Mason Kiechler-(50/50 Winner)

April 8:  Cody Karls-(50/50 Winner)

April 9:  Shelley Klein-(Bob and Bonnies)

April 10:  Mary Bloemke-(50/50 Winner)

April 15:  Al Zahn-(50/50 Winner)

April 16: Christa Sable-(Bob and Bonnies)
April 22;  Elisa Yarber-(50/50 Winner)

April 23;  Joe Colwin-(Bob and Bonnies)

April 24:  Molly Abler-(50/50 Winner)

April 29:  Calub Nehls-(50/50 Winner)

April 30:  Molly Abler-(Bob and Bonnies)

May 6:  Dan Robinson-(50/50 Winner)

May 7: Tim Flood-(Bob and Bonnies)

May 8: Morgan Flahrety (50 50 Winner)

May 13: Beckett Longley (50/50 Winner)

May 14: Melanie Wagner (Bob and Bonnies)

May 15:  Katherine Klapperich (50/50 Winner)

May 22: Cody Frieberg (50/50 Winner)

May 27:  Janice Haefs (50/50 Winner)

May 29:  Suzie Osier (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

June 10:  William Liegle (50/50 Winner)

June 17: Elizabeth Herman (50/50 Winner)

June 24

Rachael Schneider-28

Mindy Hoff-44

Dave Hoff

Cookie and Ron Mielke-47th Anniversary

Gavin Ottery-6

Paul Millard Sr-39 again!

Marilyn Kollman-Oakfield, forever young!

June 25

Jeff Baker-Baker Cheese

Jane Waller-Belated

Jenny Pomplin-20

Nikki Flood-28 Still loos great

Pam Flury

June 26

Karen Lollier-Belated

Rachael Schneider-Belated

Ann Schmitz

Pam Vanderhoof

Sophia Nuss-2

Mark Pierquet

Bob and Marilyn Kollmann-51rst Anniversary Oakfield

Jeff and Jen Schmieder-5th Anniversary

Patton Peterson-21

Vivian Koenen-80 Something

June 27

Ally Francis-16

Jessica Francis-13

Jeff Villwok

Ruth Mammerow-59

Melissa Widlake & Chad Ludjack- Congrats on Your Wedding!

Mike & Emily Sexton- Congrats on Your Wedding!

Brittany Eiring & Tim Geiger- Congrats on Your Wedding!

June 28

Chris and Lisa Olson-1rst Anniversary

Matt and Kristen Schmitz

Renee and Dale Ter Beest-35th Anniversary

Matt and Kristen Schmitz

Ashley Vande Zande

June 29

Tom and Jan Schmitz-41rst Anniversary

Kim Olig-35

Page Mand-Happy Belated Birthday

Avery Krause-5 Happy Belated Birthday

Jim and Marlene Kelroy-Happy Anniversary

Doug Miller-53

June 30

Drake Arne-21

Anthony Taurus-Happy Belated 9th Birthday from NaNa and PaPa Teebow

July 1

Robert and Brenda Grass-Happy Belated 20th Anniversary

July 2

Jane Metzel-82

Father Edward Sippel-93

Kay Shusted

Jim and Kay Shusted-Happy 32nd Anniversary

July 4

Joseph & Rebecca Doro- Congrats on Your Wedding!