Winners of a 50 50 ($10) Gift Certificate
February 14:  Eric Gerholz (Bob and Bonnies Winner)
February 14 Greg Brown (50 50 Winner)
February 21:  Mary Jane Thill-(Bob and Bonnies Winner)
February 21:  Tyler Wiza-(50/50 Winner)
February 28:  Brad Sabel-(Bob and Bonnies Winner)
February 28:  Deb Yonke-(50/50 Winner)
March 7:  Jessica Kinshaw-(Bob and Bonnies Winner)
March 7th:  Becky Alf-(50/50 Winner)
March 21rst: Tim and Colette Harmsen-(Bob and Bonnies Winner)
March 21rst:  Brandon Kline-(50/50 Winner)
March 28:  Dick Harmer-(Bob and Bonnies Winner)
March28:  Jonah Habeck-(50/50 Winner)
April 4: Joe Dineen (Bob and Bonnies Winner)
April 4: Alex Sessing (50 50 Winner)
April 11: Jack Wendt (50 50 Winner)
April 11: Caleb Kottke (Bob and Bonnies Winner)
April 18: Krista Sabel (50/50 Winner)
April 25: Haley Draves (Bob and Bonnies Winner)
April 25:  Nancy Wood (50/50 Winner)
May 2:  Sheri Linder (Bob and Bonnies Winner)
May 2:  Michael Schaefer (50/50 Winner)
May 9: Taylor Ryan (Bob and Bonnies WInner)
May 9: Heidi Zivcovich (50/50 Winner)
May 16: Haley Schaefer (50/50 Winner)
May 16: Joe Blackburn (Bob and Bonnies Winner)
May 23: Ellie Alf (50 50 Winner)
May 23: Craig  and Judy Hahn (Bob and Bonnies Winner)une 27:  Mindy Huff (Bob and Bonnies)

May 30:  Janice Haefs (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

July 3:  Sally and Al Finke-(Bob and Bonnies Winner)

July 3:  Kendalyn Attecheson-(50/50 Winner)

may 30:  Taylor Haefs (50 50 Winner)
June 13: (50 50 Winner) Brian Jones
June 20:  Conner Flood (Bob and Bonnies)
June 20:  Sam Flood (50/50 Winner)

June 27:  Sophia Nuss (50/50 Winner)

July 24:  Josiah Flood (50/50 Winner)

July 24:  Pheobe Udelhoffen (Bob and Bonnies)

July 2

Olivia and Samantha Narance-10

Neil Weiss-54

Ethan Glugla-10 we love you

Donovan and Trevor Watachek-23-from mom love you

Margaret Rashid

Jay Sable-Iron Ridge

July 3

Happy Belated Birthday-Avery Krause-4

Happy Belated Birthday-Elaine Kelsik-21


Darcy Bogenschneider-55

Sally and Al Fink-14th Anniversary

Father Ed Sippel

Kay Schustead

Jim and Kay Schustead-31rst Anniversary

Kendalynn Acheson-Sweet 16

Gavin Hall-From Grandma and Grandpa

July 4

Whitney Braunchweig-23

Kristine Baeres-63 Campbellsport

July 5

Andrew & Jin Claerbout- Celebrating their marriage today!

Jason McCulley-34

Danielle & Mike DeVasto- Congrats on your wedding! 
July 7
Cameron Gerlac
Gene and Terry Willis-27th Anniversary
Jeremy Liegl-37
July 8
Rosina Waas-100 on July 4th!
Mackenzie McCulley-13
Don and Barb Chapman-53rd Anniversary
Amberly Brester-34
Jeremy and Jessie Liegle-Brownsville 8th Anniversary
Helen Brown-Taycheedah 92
July 9:
Pat and Paul Levondowski-25th Anniversary
Cathy Schnieder
Lucy Zahn-5
July 10:
Tim McNamara
Ellie Barr
July 11
Brittanie Gellings & Spenser Zwart – Congrats on your wedding!
Riley McCulley – 6
July 12
Terri Rom – 49
Caleb and Emily Meier – Congrats on your wedding!
July 13
Dustin Schnieder
Don & Carolyn Blatz – 29th Anniversary
July 14
Bob and Sherry Belling-31rst Anniversary
Jill and Nick Shultis-10th Anniversary
Katelyn Boch-28
Evelyn Krug-79
Kaitlyn De Hann-21
Glenn and Colleen Kottke-34th Anniversary
Linda Schraufnagel
Rhonda Luehring-48
Amy Weisenbeck-Waupun-(mother of the cute girls, mother of Waupun Legion right fielder Collin U-Ren, barely hanging on to her 30′s.)
Bea Mooney-82-(Does kick boxing, Pillates-everyone’s hero, happy birthday Mom.)
July 15
Dan Fink-62
Becky Sheberl-49
Shawn McCulley – 35
Emily Roehrig-16
July 16
Tony Lipek – 46
Jessie Liegel (legal) of Brownsville – 35
Kelly Jo McClanathan-31
Jan Chaney-48
Branson Nell-3 From Mom Jenna, Uncle Mike and Aunt Hillary
July 17
Nick and Julie Rusch-Happy Anniversary!!!
Cheryl Kuhnz-60 Big -Ones!!!
Lorna Bogenschneider-67July 18
Noah Mason – 11 (Brownsville)
Ben Pierquet
Chris Smit – 50
Dale Ter Beest – 59
Denise McCulley – 57July 20
Jody Wyks – 36
Jaymee Beck – 23
Dan Waas – 49
Chris Loest – 51
July 21
Katelyn Spariotie-18
Jody Wyks-36
Patty Schwab
Colin and Jenny McCulley-8th Anniversary
Bob Brault-58
Mel Heller-89 Former Police Chief
Kevin and Lynn Haefs – 30th Anniversary
Kurt Haefs-26
Butch Ringle-49
Cindy Dineen-53
July 22
Jacob Bera-21 Golden Birthday
Devin Willis-26
Jenny Baker
Laurie Shady
Phoebe Udelhofen-4
Dave Todd-47
Paige Trombley-22
Nikita Weigand
Alanna Weigand-50
Brian Casper-49
Bob and Linda Schraufnagel
James Linstrom-15
July 23
Sarah Pelletier-20
Sarah Schultz-20
Josiah Flood-15
Jullian Rennert-1
July 24
Charles Pierquet
Mickey and Bob Brault-33rd Anniversary
 July 25
Colleen Haefs – 30
Elyse Willis-28
Nikki Ries
Tony and Maggie Barr-Happy Anniversary
Ed O’Brien-66
Vijayen Reddi-44
July 26
Joshua Bleuel-18
Frank and Hattie Wellnetz-48
Diane Vis
Brittany Joeckel-24 Mom loves you
July 27
Pat O’Brien-80
July 29
Lynn Haefs – 49