Winners of a 50 50 ($10) Gift Certificate

June 13: (50 50 Winner) Brian Jones
June 20:  Conner Flood (Bob and Bonnies)
June 20:  Sam Flood (50/50 Winner)

June 27:  Sophia Nuss (50/50 Winner)

July 24:  Josiah Flood (50/50 Winner)

July 24:  Pheobe Udelhoffen (Bob and Bonnies)

August 7:  Jamie Riley (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 8:  Harper Flood (50/50 Winner)

August 14: Logan Ramczyk (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 15 Addison Zahn (50/50 Winner)

August 21 Brian and Gretchen Jones (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 22 Hayden Stedler (50/50 Winner)

August 28 Kathy Christie (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 29 Randy Haefs (50 50 Winner)

September 4 Katie Schaffer (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 11 Kertschner (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 18: Marvin and Ardis Hahn-66th Wedding Anniversary!! (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 25:  Catherine Nuss (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

Septebmer 26:  Jonah Mason (50/50 Factory Winner)

September 18

Cooper King

Marvin and Ardis Hahn-66th Wedding Anniversary!!-or they are twins  :)

Ashley Hesprich-27

Bob and Pam Briester-15th Anniversary

Jodi Yeager-44


September 19


Victoria Kahloe-17


AJ Preston-13

Tracy Flasch

Dawn Willey-Ramirez

Greg Fuerst-50


September 20

Shawn Longley-42

Mahenna Shultis-7

Kathryn Mielke – 68


September 21

Tim and Angie Hahn-12th Anniversary


September 22

Jeanette Barton-90

Catharine Nuss-100 Years Old

Helen Edwards-99 Years Old

Tammy McWithey-33

Kyle Hesprich-28

Steve Priesgen-50

Maggie Rose Wood-13

Katelyn Kissinger-9

Jeff and Cassie Schneider-24th Anniversary


September 23

From Saturday: Kayden Fowler – 9

From Monday: Gracie Peterson – 6

Mark and Melissa Karls – 9 Year Anniversary

Mary Skorupa – 15

Makayla Stommel – 11

Aileen Andrews – 37

Hattie Bauer – Sweet 16

Amberly and Paul Brester – 8 Year Anniversary


September 24

Leigh and Rick Ramczyk – 9 Year Anniversary

Madison Hahn – 6

Ann Muthig

Laurie Holzmann – 31


September 25

From September 24 Belated: Jonah Yaeger 13 (Theresa) 

Tracy and Mike Zimmerman – 15 Year Anniversary

Colson Kleinschmidt – 7

Eileen Bethke

Julie Woznick-25

Dawn Kuhnz-30+

Jimmy Morgan-49

Steve and Shelly Klein-21rst Anniversary


 September 26

Belated-Stephen and Shelly Klein-21rst Wedding Anniversary

Welcome to the world Breea Gourdine!-Eden

Tracy and Sue Kinyon – 22

Zach Fields

Elise Barnhart

Terry Krause-54

Andy Krause-78

Mark Raether


 September 27

Jonah Mason – 8 (Brownsville)

Kate Lynn Stutts and Brent Nolan- Congrats on Wedding!

Kristian and Erik Neumann- Congrats on Wedding!

Tyrone and Kellie Feldman- Congrats on Wedding!

Julianna and Jake Dahlinger- Congrats on Wedding!

Mitchell Liegl-Brownsville-6

Michael Batterman and Hannah Adler-Conbratulations on your wedding!

Mandy Weiglein and Adam Seagert-Congratulations on your wedding!

George Daniels-Old


September 28

Rachel Ries – 19

Steve Whitty


September 29


Ken Funk

Julie Koepke-49


Marcia Snyder-60

Neil and Gloria Krause-50th Anniversary

Char and Butch Wondra-40th Anniversary Campbellsport

Kinley Gerholz-1


September 30

Derrick Steffes-25th Betlated

Nicholas Pierquet

Gladys Mueller-49

Owen Kalhamer-10

Lori Ketter-52

Lance Schumacher-26 Eden

Mitch and Emilia Peterson-8th Anniversary

Ethel Poday-94


October 1

Chuck Austin-24

Vic Kimple-Fdl



October 4

Britanny and Ethan Mikkelson- Congrats on Wedding!