Winners of a 50 50 ($10) Gift Certificate

June 13: (50 50 Winner) Brian Jones
June 20:  Conner Flood (Bob and Bonnies)
June 20:  Sam Flood (50/50 Winner)

June 27:  Sophia Nuss (50/50 Winner)

July 24:  Josiah Flood (50/50 Winner)

July 24:  Pheobe Udelhoffen (Bob and Bonnies)

August 7:  Jamie Riley (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 8:  Harper Flood (50/50 Winner)

August 14: Logan Ramczyk (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 15 Addison Zahn (50/50 Winner)

August 21 Brian and Gretchen Jones (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 22 Hayden Stedler (50/50 Winner)

August 28 Kathy Christie (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

August 29 Randy Haefs (50 50 Winner)

September 4 Katie Schaffer (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 11 Kertschner (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 18: Marvin and Ardis Hahn-66th Wedding Anniversary!! (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

September 25:  Catherine Nuss (Bob and Bonnies Winner)

Septebmer 26:  Jonah Mason (50/50 Factory Winner)

October 16: Melanie Ledger (Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner)

October 17:  Scott and Kelly Haefs (50/50 Factory Winner)

October 23:  Mackenzie Crowell (Bob and Bonnies Cake Winner)

October 24: Cayden Ottery (50/50 Factory Winner)

October 30:                           (Bob n Bonnies)

October 31:  Cody Zitlow (50/50 Factory Winner)

November 6:  Ruby Gebhardt

November 7: Ruby Gebhart (50 50 winner)

November 13:  Mike Bogenschneider (Bob and Bonnies)

November 20:  Millie Twohig (Bob and Bonnies)

November 21:  Mary Ann Flood AND Kevin Shuet (50/50 Factory)

December 12:  Ashley Nehls (50/50 Factory)

December 18:  Allison Krebbs (Bob and Bonnies)

December 19: Lilly Granado (50 50 Certificate)

January 2: Betty Mielke (50 50 Certificate)

January 29: Birthday Cake Winner Brett Erickson


December 31

Belated: Shawn W. Lang – 8 years old

Chase Krapfl-24

Bob England

Jodi Schmitt-47


January 2

Diana Ballwanz

Betty Ca


January 3

Daniel Putz and Courtney Krapfl


January 4

Dennis Patterson


January 5


Sophie Briester


Jennie Oechsner

Arlesse Groth – 51

Arlette Lindert – 51

Dick Schoener

Sandra Tesch-61

Noah Nicholas Guyette-16


January 6

Brianna Atchison-18


January 7


Bob Evans-50


George Bera

 Carisa Thompson – 29


January 8

Morgan Schaefer-18


January 9


Jeremy Ter Beest-33



 January 10

Erik Haefs – 28

Ashley John-24


January 11

Andy Carter


January 12

Clarisa Sjvious-14

January 13

Rachael  Burghardt-19

Barb Fuderer-78

Erica Setzer-19

Joshua and Angela Herringa-12th Anniversary


January 14

Craig Lemeaux-19

Harry Neitzel-Fox Lake-82

Mathew Liegle-Brownsville 4

Faith VenderGalien-26

Katie Miller and Colton Medema-13

Barb Steers

Michael Newberry-13-Waupun


January 15

Alex Kollmann-16

Michele Sabel-43

Lois Linskens-53 from Little Chute


January 16

Bob Guelig

Sangeeta Jadoo-47

Mike Talma

Mike and MaryLou England-Happy Anniversary


 January 17

Jackie Shady

Natalie, Emily, Allison and Patrick Neitzel-21


January 18

Kean Fannin-23

Jeff  Nuss-36

Shirley Neitzel-Fox Lake-80


January 19


Robert Reahl-Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement!!!!

Jane Pappenheim


John Bruns-63  From your loving wife

MaryLou Englan


January 20

Maryann Pelletier-47

Chris Hoy

Karla Kahlhammer


January 21


Morgan Compagna-14


Ryan Schultz-20

Tracy Johnson-47


January  22

Megan Roehrig-13-From Grandma and Grandpa and family

Mathew Stark


 January 23


Treniece Owens-16


Amanda Gerlach-29

Mackenzie Breister-9

Jenna Nell-30

Emily Daly-13


January 24

Kevin Flood-24 Golden Birthday

January 25


 January 26


Kristy Pelletier-13


Paul Levendowski-65

Devin Vantassell-26

Marge and Jerry Geiger

Seth Kaufman


January 27

Becky Bussian-51

Charmayne Gannon-80


January 28


Charmayne Gannon-80


Brett Erickson-17

Ed Pagalo-Works at Service Motors Case

Ed and Shirley Kelroy-65th Anniversary ‘They are more in love now than 65 years ago!”


January 29

Belated: Keith “Wheels” Heisler – 30

Bob and Chris Hoy-38th Anniversary



January 30

Alan Ramthun

Phyllis Tagliapietra


January 31

Morty West-26

Chip Cratchy

Sarah Glass Turner-28

Richard Glass-31

Neal Kraus