3-20-15 uw fdl dean says governor’s budget would mean staff cuts at fdl campus

The UW Fond du Lac Dean says the governor’s proposal to cut $300 million from the UW system would result in job losses at the Fond du Lac campus.  Dean John Short says how many position would be cut locally is not known yet.  “There’s no question that if it does happen there would be layoffs,”  Short told WFDL news.  “There would be layoffs at UW-FDL, and as I’ve said to local legislators UW-FDL is not in the position that we could absorb cuts in the way that many four year institutions can,  and many of them are very hard pressed.”  Short says he is encouraged that several lawmakers have expressed concern the proposed cuts go too far, including statements by Republicans on the Jt. Finance committee that the committee will revise the governor’s proposal.  Short says states investing in higher education do better than states that don’t.