1-15-20 election security public relations push

State elections officials have hired an advertising firm to launch a public relations campaign to reassure voters that Wisconsin elections are secure. The Wisconsin Elections Commission voted Tuesday to spend $260,000 to hire Madison-based KW2 to develop the campaign, which could include online content, videos, news releases and graphics. The money will come from interest earned on a $7 million federal grant the state received in 2018 to bolster election security. The commission made the move after KW2 presented a survey that showed nearly 70% of respondents were worried about one or more perceived threats to election security.  Fond du Lac County Clerk Lisa Freiberg says she has concerns if the public relations push is really necessary.  Freiberg says she wonders if the money could be better spent to help counties that need security upgrades.  “There are a lot of counties that are struggling in the state of Wisconsin that maybe some of this money could be helping to make sure the infrastructure of security is there,”  Freiberg told WFDL news.  “I don’t know who this company is. I prefer to be my own spokesperson.”