3-26-20 thiesfeldt questions governor’s rollout of new order

Republican state representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt is critical of how the governor rolled out his expansive business closures across the state for a month.   A new order that went into effect Wednesday closes  businesses deemed nonessential, prohibits gatherings of any size and places new restrictions on travel across Wisconsin for a month in an attempt to slow spread of the coronavirus.  Thiesfeldt questions why?  “As of last Friday and even over the weekend the governor was telling legislative leaders, was telling the public he didn’t think we needed to make these changes, and in fact was telling legislative leaders he wasn’t going to make these changes,”  Thiesfeldt told WFDL news.   Evers said he didn’t want to issue such an order, but said “folks need to start taking this seriously.”    Thiesfeldt says Fond du lac area residents are taking the matter seriously.   In addition to his criticism of Evers’ handling of this latest order, Thiesfeldt says he is also concerned how president Trump has been sending mixed messages.  “I completely agree,”  Thiesfeldt said.  State Health Officials say without more restrictions up to 1,000 people could die in two weeks and an estimated 22,000 would contract the virus.