5-23-20 dodge county public health safe restart guidelines

The COVID-19 health crisis continues to evolve. To date, Wisconsin has a confirmed case count of 14,396 individuals who have contracted the virus. In Dodge County, we have 137 confirmed cases, with 65 currently active. As more businesses open up, and testing becomes more readily available, we will see an increase in active cases.   In response to the lifting of the Safer at Home restrictions last week, Dodge County
Public Health has prepared guidance to help our community reopen, called  “Dodge County Safe Restart.” This phased approach encourages all Dodge County residents and business owners to take responsibility, work together and support best practices in order to keep their employees and our community safe.   The “Dodge County Safe Restart Guidelines and Recommendations for Action” is posted on the Dodge County website: Dodge County Safe Restart Every Friday afternoon, Public Health will update its Benchmark Criteria Status Report Card on the Dodge County website. This will inform the public of the metrics and thresholds in five key areas: positive cases, testing, care, personal protective
equipment and contact tracing.   “We need the public’s help to prevent further spread of this virus. Just because the
Stay at Home order is lifted, does not mean that the spread of COVID-19 is no longer a concern ” states Public Health Officer Abby Sauer, “We trust people will act reasonably and safely, to follow our guidance and continue safe practices when in public.”   The community is encouraged to visit the Dodge County w ebsite for latest guidance and resources: www.co.dodge.wi.gov    For general questions, the public may call the Dodge County Public Health COVID-19
Hotline: 920-386-4304.