9-25-20 wisconsin parents knowingly send sick kids to school

The Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer says she is disappointed to hear that some parents  have knowingly sent their children who have coronavirus back to school, which could lead to potential school shutdowns.   The Washington-Ozaukee County Health Department said they’ve had multiple cases where parents are dishonest about their child’s illness and who they’e come in contact with.   Fond  du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid.   Mueller says she can’t imagine the frustration the Washington-Ozaukee County Health Officer is feeling with a situation like that.  Washington-Ozaukee County Health Officer Kirsten Johnson says parents are refusing  to test their kids when they become symptomatic because they don’t want to quarantine their siblings.”    She said it happened on the first day of school and continues to  happen.  The health officer said as of Monday morning, there were 20 schools under investigation where at least one student or staff member has tested positive.