12-1-20 fdl county clerk not surprised at results of recount

With the results of the November election certified  the Fond du Lac County Clerk says she is not surprised that a presidential recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties did not change who won the election.  The recount ended up netting president-elect Joe Biden nearly 90 votes.  He won the state by almost 21,000 votes.  “It was pretty much what I figured,”  Clerk Lisa Freiberg told WFDL news.  “It’s a recount.  It’s not to see if people are eligible ( to vote) or how the ballot was sent to them.”   Freiberg says the town of Marshfield, village of Fairwater and a couple wards in the city of Fond du Lac were picked for a routine post election audit.  “It’s just part of the process.   It does not change the certification of the state.  We need to unite and move forward.”    Under federal law, the winning slate of electors cast their votes in the Electoral College on Dec. 14.