12-1-20 lakeside park feasibility report-envision greater fdl

The president of Envision Greater Fond du Lac says she doesn’t know if a feasibility report’s recommendations to move the locations of a proposed restaurant and amphitheater at Fond du Lac’s Lakeside Park would be a deal-breaker for a business group that has pledged more than $5 million toward the project.    Up to this point the Lakeside Forward group has been adamant about locating a restaurant on the lighthouse peninsula and amphitheater on Oven Island.   The report recommends moving the restaurant further west off the peninsula and moving the amphitheater off Oven Island, either to the Saputo Cheese property, or Lakeside Park West.  Sadie Parafiniuk is the president of Envision Greater Fond du Lac.   “Moving that restaurant could impact some of those heritage trees, it could impact when you’re driving down the road seeing the lake,”  Parafiniuk told WFDL news.  “Both sides are flexible moving things if they make sense.”  Parafiniuk says in her opinion locating an amphitheater on the park’s west side is not a good idea.  However she says the Saputo location for an amphitheater is an interesting idea.  “From Envision Greater Fond du Lac’s standpoint we could see a lot of different uses for that area that could be more property tax generating, revenue generating,”  Parafiniuk said.    Overall,  Parafiniuk says she thought the feasibility report was thorough and showed that the project would have a positive economic impact for Fond du Lac.