1-13-21 wisconsin attorney general says president trump is to blame for capitol riot

The Wisconsin Attorney General describes last week’s Capitol riot shameful and says he doesn’t believe it would have happened if president Trump had conceded the election after he lost November 3.   “I don’t think it would have happened,”  Attorney General Josh Kaul said in an exclusive interview with WFDL news.  “I think the president bears direct responsibility for this.  I think the people involved also bear responsibility, but we haven’t seen anything like this happen in American history,  and we have people who are trying to undermine the results of a Democratic election and they storm the capitol.”    Kaul says he strongly disagrees with people who say there is no difference between the U.S. Capitol riot and last summer’s riots and protests over police brutality.  “This is very different.  It’s important to be clear that any violence and destruction is unacceptable no matter the context. But what makes this fundamentally different is that this is being instigated by the president of the United States and it is an attack on the ability of our government to function,”  Kaul said.   Kaul says he thinks the president should be impeached, even if he isn’t convicted and removed from office.  “I am concerned about having him in office even for another week because he is a danger to the country.  But equally important, to let the American people know, that anybody who might be considering another attack like this know, and let the world know,  that America takes democracy seriously and if people attack that democracy they’re going to be held accountable.”