1-14-21 chairman of republican party of fdl county says st. croix party post is ‘over-the-top’

The chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County says his counterpart in St. Croix County went  “over the top” with a recent Facebook post.  The St. Croix County Republican Party’s website includes a message that reads “if  you want peace, prepare for war.”   The leader of the Fond du Lac County Republican Party, Rohn Bishop,  says it’s time to lower the temperature on all of the rhetoric.  “I’ve seen the Facebook post and it’s over the top, and it’s too negative,” Bishop told WFDL news.  “I understand passions are high and emotions are raw right now, and in politics when you’re dealing with the future of your country that’s fine, but we have a process where this plays out.  It doesn’t have to involve telling people to prepare for war.”   Bishop, says it’s time for the local Republican parties in Wisconsin to turn a page and to start being more upbeat, optimistic and looking forward to the upcoming elections in the spring, and the fall of 2022.