7-22-21 fdl councilwoman responds to facebook post regarding police call to her business

A Fond du Lac city councilmember is responding to a Facebook post that brought attention to a police call to her business a couple months ago.  On May 21 officers responded to a call for assistance at a restaurant owned by councilmember Arletta Allen.   Allen says she was arguing with her business partner and was upset when the first officer arrived on the scene.  Allen says the first male officer who arrived on the scene made a derogatory comment toward her, but a second female officer was more emphathetic toward her situation.   According to the police report the officer told Allen she was setting a bad example and needed to stop yelling.   According to the report Allen took the comment personally and continued to yell.  Allen said she identified herself as a councilmember and indicated she was concerned about how she would be treated on social media if she was issued a citation.  “I didn’t feel like going through that and that was my reasoning,”  Allen told WFDL news.  “It was not that I was negating the law, not that I was trying to get around the law, not that I was trying to tell me not to issue me a citation.  The reason a citation was not issued was because there was no reason to issue a citation.”   “No one had offended anyone.  There was no physical harm or damage.  We were just loud.”   In the end,  Allen says it was a verbal argument and no citation was issued.    Allen says she was later upset when former city councilmember Jim Treleven posted  the report on his Facebook page.  “I’m here to tell you when you take the oath of office, you do not morf out of being human,”  Allen said.  “For those of you that are causing judgement, my advice to you is to run is to run for city council and have your life ripped apart every single time you make a wrong move or every single time something doesn’t align with how people feel you should respond, or how you should act,”  Allen said.   Allen says she supports the police department and disputes the officer’s report that she referred to  Fond du Lac police as stupid.  “I want the police department to know that in my heart and mind I support the police department.  I would never call you guys stupid.  I would never say anything negative about the Fond du Lac Police Department because of my stance and the way that I vote is for public service,”  Allen told WFDL news.  “I love what you’re doing in the community.  I support you 150%.”