5-20-22 baby formula shortage-the latest

President Joe Biden is stepping up his administration’s response to a nationwide baby formula shortage that has forced frenzied parents into online groups to swap and sell to each other to keep their babies fed.  The shortage stems from supply chain disruptions and a safety recall.  Fond du Lac County Public  Health Officer Kim Mueller says its an ongoing problem locally.  “What we are recommending is that  you please do not dilute the formula.  We also recommend that you do not provide goats milk or whole milk, and you do not make your own baby formula,”  Mueller told WFDL news.  The Senate has approved a bill aimed at easing the baby formula shortage for families participating in a government assistance program known as WIC. That program accounts for about half of all formula purchases in the U.S. The House had passed the bill the day before, so it now goes to President Joe Biden to be signed into law. The vouchers can generally only be used to purchase one brand of infant formula, which encourages the manufacturer to offer big discounts to secure a state’s business. The bill makes it possible for families to redeem the WIC vouchers for whatever formula brand is available.