6-23-22 new fdl county board chairman

The new Fond du Lac County Board chairman says he will strive to continue the tradition of his predecessors in running county board meetings in a nonpartisan fashion.   Steve Abel was elected this week as Fond du Lac County Board chairman.  “I felt that I’ve got strong leadership skills.  I’ve served on the board for 13 years,”  Abel told WFDL news.  Going back more than three decades Abel is only the sixth chairman of the Fond du Lac County Board.  Sam Kaufman served as county board chairman for about a month  before he was elected county executive in a special election earlier this month.  “The one thing I think I have seen is that the Fond du Lac County Board is a non-partisan board and that it’s important that it stays that way.”   Following the death of longtime county executive Al Buechel in March, and with new leadership on the county board, Abel says the county is beginning a new chapter in its history.  “Fond du Lac County has done well in electing Sam Kaufman, very stable person, to take the reigns from Allen (Buechel) after Allen’s passing.  Now we have the county board that I think was left in good hands as well.  I’ll do my best to maintain that consistency that we’ve had for the last several decades with Al at the helm.”