9-22-22 rolling meadows golf course ad hoc committee to meet next week

A Fond du Lac County Rolling Meadows Golf Course ad hoc committee will hold it’s first meeting next week.  The committee, comprised of seven county board supervisors, was approved by the Fond  du Lac County board at their last meeting .  The committee was formed after the new county executive expressed concern that the golf course had been losing money for several years.  Golf course manager David Brandenburg says he hopes the committee looks at the big picture.  “How are we going to let the residents know that the golf course is an asset for golfers and non-golfers?  How do we go into the future?  Is it a new club house, is it changes, is it a reduction in holes?  I don’t think it’s going to be a reduction in holes, but at the end of this we’ll see what happens,”  Brandenburg told WFDL news.  Heading into the final months of season, Brandenburg says he is still confident the course will at least break even financially this year.