8-1-20 fdl republican state rep. jeremy thiesfeldt opposes mask mandate

Madison – Friday, Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt is issuing his response to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ issuance of the statewide mask mandate, another emergency health order, to take effect tomorrow, on August 1st.

Fond du Lac County, which is in Rep. Thiesfeldt’s district, has had a total of 36 hospitalizations since March 11, and currently has only 2.  The Governor’s order impacts all of Wisconsin the same regardless of the rates of infections, related hospitalizations, and related deaths. Rep. Thiesfeldt has consistently stated that local control of this healthcare decision is the best way for the state to oversee the COVID-19 issue.

“With the thorough assistance of our local health department, the people of Fond du Lac County have responsibly and effectively handled the impact of COVID-19,” said Rep. Thiesfeldt.  “We have flattened the curve and our health facilities are well-prepared to handle any sharp increases in hospitalizations.  It is not necessary for us to be subject to this intrusive mandate in the same way as Milwaukee County.”

“After winning in 2018 on a platform of working together, the Governor has once again made the calculated decision to ignore his campaign promise to voters of the state,” stated Rep. Thiesfeldt.  “Yesterday, the Governor’s intrusive, legally questionable, executive order was issued without any conversation with the leadership of the Wisconsin State Assembly or the Wisconsin State Senate.  Also without warning, the Governor has placed the burden of enforcement on local police officers to pursue complaints and issue excessive $200 fines.”

Subsequent to the Governor’s order many Wisconsin county sheriffs, including Fond du Lac County’s, have indicated that they will not be responding to complaints of maskless individuals violating the Governor’s order.

“These county sheriffs recognize the folly of attempting to enforce this order,” said Rep. Thiesfeldt.  “Officers have much more important duties to pursue, rather than bothering law-abiding citizens who are smart enough to make their own healthcare decisions.  Laws that cease to be enforced, essentially cease to exist.”

“Thank you to the many constituents have expressed their opinion to me on this issue.  Since the executive order requiring masks is likely only the beginning of what the governor will pursue as part of his latest health emergency, I stand ready to convene a legislative session to preserve local control and personal healthcare decisions.”