7-11-14 town of calumet recall attempt

A controversy is brewing in a Fond du lac County township where a bar owner and town supervisor are leading a recall effort against the town chairman.  Town of Calumet resident Ted Schrage runs the Talk of the Town Sandwich and Pizza Pub in Calumetville.  Schrage says he started circulating petitions in April to recall town chairman Mike Endries because he says Endries has been doing town business without getting board approval.   “He (Endries) likes doing things without board approval and that’s the long and the short of it,”  Schrage told AM 1170 WFDL’s Between the Lines program.  Board supervisor Ken Lefeber says over 200 signatures were collected, but the form used to collect the signatures was outdated.  A new petition was circulated and those signatures have been sent to the Government Accountability board for their review.  Lefeber says he hopes a recall can be held in conjunction with the August 12th primary or November election.  Lefeber says Endries won’t listen when he’s questioned about certain actions he’s taken.  “Any town business has to be approved by the full town board and Mr. Endries does not grasp that idea,”  Lefeber said.  Endries says all of the allegations made against him are false.  “Everybody has a reason for something.  You cannot please everybody, Endries told WFDL news.  “I draw a line of trying to make a comfortable situation for the public.  Its a very hard job and its not about the pay, its about doing what is right.”   Endries says he ran for office to restore accountability to the town board.  “When I started running (for office) I said its time for a change.  The problem we got right now that should have been addressed a long time ago is accountability.”   John Endries says his brother is the target of a witch hunt.  He says Schrage and Lefeber are retaliating over moves his brother made shortly after he was elected including trying to reduce the hours of some town workers and reduce the pay for town supervisors.

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