Morning Sun Pledge of Allegiance


Join The Morning Sun each weekday morning at 6:59am as area stars recite the Pledge Of Allegiance on Sunny 97.7. The pledge can be recited by kids, families, grandparents, whoemever!  Sponsored by Chris Shafer Agency, Representing Farmers Insurance and many more –

Please follow this format when submitting your audio or video recording (or leave your recording at 920-924-9697 x 150) with your Name and Phone Number:

What’s another way?   Email it to:

Hi, I’m ____(name)____ from (if you have a school and grade) _______(or the city you’re from); recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thursday, October 21: Kindergartners in Mrs. Braithwaite’s Riverside Class
Friday, October 22: Mrs. Steffen’s 4th Graders from Eden Elementary
Monday, October 25: Mrs. Nikki Berres 1st Graders from SMSA
Tuesday, October 26: Mrs. Rodriguez’s and Miss Emmer’s Classroom from Lomira
Wednesday, October 27: Mrs. Packer’s 3rd grade class from St. Mary’s Springs Academy
Thursday, October 28: Mrs. Verheyen’s 2nd grade class at Rock River Intermediate School in Waupun.
Friday, October 29: Mrs. Dow 2nd Graders at Riverside
Monday, November 1: Mrs. Rentmeester’s Kindergarten Class at Riverside
Tuesday, November 2: Kindergarten Class at Riverside
Wednesday, November 3: 6th Grade Class at Shepherd of the Hills 
Thursday, November 4: 5th Graders at Riverside Mrs. Stevenson
Friday, November 5: Mrs. Telezke’s Room at Riverside
Monday, November 8: Mrs. Briester’s Room at Riverside
Tuesday, November 9: Staff at Shepherd of the Hills in Eden
Wednesday, November 10: Sigma Pledge
Thursday, November 11: Shepherd of the Hills Student Council
Friday, November 12: Mrs. Hughes’ 1st & 2nd graders from Shepherd of the Hills in Eden.
Monday, November 15: Mrs. Paulson’s Riverside Class
Tuesday, November 16: Mrs. Klein’s 3rd Grad class at Parkside School
Wednesday, November 17: Mrs. Rentmeester’s Riverside Class
Thursday, November 18: Mrs. Megyn Stroup 4th Grade at Parkside
Friday, November 19: Mrs. Palomaque’s at Riverside
Monday, November 22: Mrs. Rathman’s 2nd graders at Riverside
Tuesday, November 23: Mr. Marchant’s Waters Elementary
Wednesday, November 24: Mr. Marchant’s Waters Elementary
Thursday, November 25: No Pledge. Happy Thanksgiving
Friday, November 26: Mrs. Braithwaite’s Kindergarden Class at Riverside
Monday, November 29: Mrs. Giebel’s 1st Graders at Riverside
Tuesday, November 30: Mrs. Tighe’s First graders from Riverside
Wednesday, December 1: Mrs. Thiesfelt’s 1st and 2rd Graders from Redeemer Lutheran
Thursday, December 2: Ms. Wendy’s 3rd graders from Riverside Elementary
Friday, December 3: Mrs. Smith’s from Riverside Elementary
Monday, December 6: Mrs. Giebel’s 1st grade from Riverside Elementary
Tuesday, December 7: MRS. Teletzke’s 3rd graders from Riverside Elementary
Wednesday, December 8: Ms. Dow’s 2nd Graders at Riverside Elementary
Thursday, December 9: Mrs. Kari Pieper’s Preschool Class at St. Paul’s in Mt. Calvary


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