9-26-20 state representative thiesfeldt opposes mask mandate extension

In response to the new emergency health directive related to the mandatory mask order, Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (52nd-Fond du Lac) released the following statement:


“Statistics show that Wisconsin’s mask mandate has been ineffective in controlling the spread of the virus.  The medical knowledge of coronavirus is far advanced from a few months ago. Wisconsin residents have been well educated on how to handle the coronavirus and who is most at risk.  Even though the virus is still causing hospitalizations and deaths, doctors have improved dramatically in the treatment of the disease.  The lost lives are tragic, and we ought to use the experience gained to protect the most vulnerable.   But no one can ignore the law, even if it’s the Governor of Wisconsin.   Governor Evers is avoiding his duty to work with the legislative branch.  He has not consulted with the legislative branch before issuing any of the three emergency health orders.  The latest order is clearly a lawless action.  Unfortunately, only the courts can provide us with sustainable, legal clarity on this issue, and that process can take many months.  We cannot wait that long.    In the meantime, the legislature must act.  I was ready to act when the first mask order was issued.  Now that we have a new order, the urgency has increased.  We can no longer stand by waiting for a favorable judicial outcome while the governor runs roughshod over the state. It is time for the legislature to use the tools granted to us in the law, take a principled stand against executive tyranny, and end this latest lawless overreach.    Nothing prevents any individual from wearing a mask, or for a business, school, municipality, county, etc. from enacting measures to suit local situations.  Local control is still the best way to handle the coronavirus.  There is no good reason that Fond du Lac should be treated the same as Green Bay.   But, above all, Governor Evers must follow the law.”