5-5-23 u.s. approves first vaccine for rsv

The U.S. has approved the first vaccine for RSV, shots to protect older adults. The respiratory virus filled hospitals with wheezing babies last fall but also endangers seniors. After decades of failure in developing an RSV vaccine, the Food and Drug Administration decision Wednesday makes GSK’s shot the first of several in the pipeline to be licensed.  Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says its been 60 years in the making.  “Right now with all of the trials, it looks like it (vaccine) is about 94 percent effective in preventing severe disease,”  Mueller said.   Next, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must decide if everyone 60 and older needs a shot or just those at high risk. The FDA is considering a similar vaccine for adults from Pfizer. There isn’t a vaccine for kids yet.

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