2-12-24 fdl county sheriff’s office advises sturgeon spearers to stay off lake winnebago this season

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office has a warning for sturgeon spearers this sturgeon spearing season.  Stay off Lake Winnebago.   “The rain did not help anything and then the wind,”   Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Chris Dobyns told WFDL news ice conditions  went from bad to worse late Thursday into Friday.  “On the east shore there’s ice shoves,  Stockbridge, Quinney area, 15-20 feet high and it looks like most of that ice came from the west shore north of the Oshkosh area.   It opened up the lake 30 to 40 yards wide.”    Dobyns says it’s not looking good.   “The ice is extremely soft.  Even the fishing clubs, the guys that are out there checking things say stay off the ice.  This ice is extremely dangerous right now.”   Dobyns says he doesn’t think the ice conditions will improve to a point where it will be safe at any point to go out on the lake during the 16 day season.  “I would not be going out on this lake.”

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