3-29-24 investigation finds no evidence of criminal wrongdoing involving finances at mayville city hall

Significant mismanagement and poor record keeping, but no criminal conduct was found following a a more than year long investigation of finances at Mayville City Hall.   At the request of Mayville Police,  the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office conducted the investigation into allegations of significant financial discrepancies, missing and or deleted records, and city dollars that could not be located totaling $700,000.   Sheriff Dale Schmidt says after over a year of investigation,  detectives determined while there was likely significant mismanagement, there was no provable evidence of criminal misconduct.  Schmidt says inadequate record keeping  made it impossible to complete a thorough analysis of city finances.  This investigation was supplemented by an investigative report by the financial firm Sikich LLP into the sale of city property and the financial practices of the Mayville Community Development Authority. Sikich LLP was employed by the city of Mayville and filed a detailed report in which it indicates in part:  “Based on our observations throughout our engagement with the City of Mayville, it is apparent that recent staff trying to get a handle on prior financial transactions were stymied by poor record keeping. It is recommended that Mayville comply with best practices for financial record keeping and secure comprehensive financial records that provide a clear audit trail of financial transactions.”

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